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Unconfigurable workspaces and Java requirements can be a frustration for you and your business, costing you time and money. The constant need to input the same security code or portfolio into each widget is time consuming and leaves room for keying errors. IRESS ViewPoint helps to solve these daily issues you face as a trader or advice professional.

With no need for Java, this web-browser accessible solution allows you to login anywhere, anytime. With real-time market data—and a fluid, responsive design—you can configure your workspace, tailor it to your brand and even support multiple brands. Complete with exceptional tools, customisable charts, watchlists and broadcast groups.

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IRESS ViewPoint is a flexible scalable and highly customisable market data and trading solution. Co-designed with users, this multi-asset and internationally compatible solution is a complete market analysis tool with both robust technical and fundamental features.

IRESS ViewPoint

IRESS ViewPoint leverages state of the art technology to deliver a fully integrated content and trading experience, keeping your clients connected to financial markets where ever they are.

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“ViewPoint has been built with investors in mind and is easy to use.”

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  • Trading overview - Provides integrated trading capabilities with market data tools allowing for seamless trades from market information. This solution also provides comprehensible contingent order entry, allowing you to take profits and to minimise losses on orders entered during stock price movements.

  •  Order pad - Provides a view of current order status and contingent orders.

  •  Portfolio - Allows for a live valuation of a portfolio based on current market value. It also provides a live visual of the holdings breakdown including details.

  •  Trades - Provides a breakdown of the trading activity in each account.

  •  Trade alerts - Sends you notifications on your trades.

  •  Depth HistogramOffers a visual representation of market depth using line and bar chart views.

Can you break it down for me?

  • Quick Trade - Enables a click order entry experience for active traders with minimal input for fast processing.

  •  Broadcasting - Connects your widgets together using broadcast and your widgets will update at the same time. Therefore, when using multiple widgets for analysing the market or your portfolio, there is no need to input the same security code or portfolio code in each widget.

  • Contingent orders - Allows for creation and application of your own order strategies, including exit and entry points.

  • Widget content - Allows you to push your own content into ViewPoint widgets via single sign-on integration.

  • IRESS Order Management System (IOS+) - Provides a comprehensive yet flexible order and risk management backend with real-time risk management tools and transparency.

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