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How integrated tech gives advisers the edge

They’re calm, super-efficient, resilient, and rumour has it, they’re happier too. Here’s 10 reasons why advisers that use integrated technology have a competitive advantage.

#1 They don’t sweat the small stuff

As they do less of the daily grind. The bulk of the heavy lifting like processing, admin and reports is all taken care of by automated technology. 



#2 They’re quick

Powerful links to providers, portals and platforms means everything can be done faster and more efficiently. Better levels of integration means time savings galore.



#3 They’re client champions

Compatible systems work in harmony to reduce duplication and mistakes. Everything is easier resulting in a superior service for clients. 




#4 They do it in style

The integrated adviser will be armed with seriously impressive tools so financial planning becomes more engaging, personal, and client-centred. 




#5 They’re saving cash

Everyday efficiency gains from integrated technology creates savings so these advisers achieve better margins and can deliver more affordable advice for clients. 




#6 They’re up front

Integrated advisers have got their back (and their middle) office in hand, giving them extra time to spend up front building great relationships with clients. 




#7 They’re cool and calm

The integrated adviser gets on with business knowing they’re protected by automated compliance and risk management capability. 




#8 They’re well equipped

They can segment, engage, advise, trade, comply, plan and report - wherever and whenever, and all from one system.




#9 They see everything

The integrated adviser has an enviable single view of their business, so can spot advice opportunities and prospects at a glance.  



#10 They think longer term

Integrated tech provides a foundation to evolve and grow a business; highly attractive if you’re thinking about selling up.



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